Rain Gutters: Why Do I Need Them?

Gutters are used to keep a house free of water damage by directing the water away from the house. Gutters whether they’re on a slopped roof or a flat roof, all work to remove water from the roof AND away from the foundation of houses. 

Gutters are a good investment. Rain Gutters Protect Your Home. 

Your home is subject to the weather and water from weather is harmful when it penetrates your home’s exterior envelope. Rain water that falls on the roof of a home is concentrated in a very narrow band or line at the bottom of each sloping/straight roof section.  

The primary role of gutters is to channel water off of your roof and away from the base of the house where it’s likely to collect and find its way inside the foundation.  

Here are some of issues that gutters help protect against: 

  • Water beating down along your roof line can pool and penetrate your foundation or slab, causing leaks in basements and crawlspaces. 

  • Pooling water can cause ice buildup and damage. Proper channeling of water is essential for our New England cold weather.  

  • Safety entering and leaving a home may be a problem when people run to avoid a downpour and/or water freezing on walkways. 

  • Water can damage landscaping and cause soil erosion around your home. 

  • Concentrated water hitting decks and door entrances can splash back against the house causing high moisture levels which can lead to wood rot. 

  • Entry safety is an issue easily resolved with gutters. Falling water may hit windows and leak, causing water damage inside the walls or on interior walls. 

  • Rain water may find gaps in the siding, and when trapped behind siding, water can support mold growth and other problems. Even brick and stone siding can be damaged when water forms ice in cracks. 

  • Water hitting dirt close to the house can create a mess when the dirt splashes back against the siding. 

  • Repeated exposure to rain water can reduce how long your home’s painted surfaces last before they need to be re-painted.